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Mobile app

Design and prototype of a iPad healthcare app used in a short film broadcasted on Arte. In the film, this mobile app is used by a mother and her daughter Elea, a young child enjured by a serious illness that weakens her skin. This application allows her mother to follow the condition of her skin recovery via a device of connected dressings.

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This interface makes it possible to quickly identify unconnected dressings. To give credence to this protoype in the short film, other elements have been added, such as the possibility of adding or removing a band-aid, consulting one's medical calendar, or exchanging directly with one's doctor.

Do you want to see it work? Here is a short excerpt from the movie.


  • Client
    Leonard Accorsi
  • For
    @Arte and @Caimans Production
  • Year
    Mid 2017
  • Duration
    Short Term


  • Prototyping
  • UX UI Design


  • UX UI Designer