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Product Design is a made in France smart connected reminder.

The team trusted me to build their new website and packaging, and guide them during this process. Its identity needed to be strenghtened, so we opted for dealing with a stimulating orange, symbol of optimism, energy, and creativity.

Project Cover

The first version of the site had several problems that had to be resolved pragmatically.

First, the website had no identity, which was a shame because the branding codes was correctly used in the mobile application. We needed to fix and improve that.

Secondly, the key features and tech specs of the smart reminder were not highlighted at all. The overall look of the previous website was felt as unstructured and not engaging, and at a time when the evangelization of connected objects was mostly done via early adopters customers, there was not enough elements to seduce and reassure them.

We opted for reinforcing the main branding color of to make it more powerful and engaging while give more value to the content.

Last design iteration

The page can now answer questions such as “Is this the right product for me?” and “What action can I take next?”

Représentation partielle du site sur smartphone - 2

We needed a packaging that echoed the user journey and allowed him to project himself into all the multiple uses of a typical day with his

Packaging tests

We finally managed to find the right message for the customers and we adapted it to the different colors proposed in the offer.

Représentation du porte-clés noir seul
Représentation du porte-clés noir seul
Représentation du packaging


  • Company
  • Date
    Mid 2017
  • Duration
    Short Term


  • Graphic redesign
  • UX improvements
  • Print Design


  • Freelance Product Designer